g u i l l a u m e    a r d a u d
human computer interaction researcher inventing, designing, and building computer tools to complement human knowledge & creativity.

french, living in San Francisco for 5+ years. semi-regularly in Paris, Tokyo.

younger, I had a very hard time talking to humans and understanding them. I became very good at understanding and talking to computers. Later, I found myself heavily involved with the french popular education movement, and came to understand that problems are solved when technology serves people, not the other way around. I am now doing my best to help make computers tools for people to live better lives.

currently a R&D engineer in hardware x interaction design for a large consumer electronics company. best job ever held. hardworking smart coworkers, a management that cares. not looking for anything new.

10+ years teaching thousands of kids & teenagers (and a few adults too) how to make things with computers.

dropped out of PhD Computer Science right before quals. MS Computer Science (HCI). BS Computer Science + Math (AI, first class honours).

hobbies & interests include 日本語, modular synthesizers, film photography, planted aquariums, fencing, scuba diving, hiking, fly fishing, rock climbing, books, museums, design & architecture.



• 2017- ?????, prototyper/designer
• 2016-2017             senior research & prototyping engineer
• 2014-2016             research & prototyping engineer
• 2012-2014 NeonMob, technical co-founder
• 2011-2012 Panafold, lead iOS engineer
• 2010-2011 Tangible Visualization lab, graduate student (advised by Pr. Ullmer)
• 2009 B&D Eolas, junior software engineer

selected teaching experiences

• 2012-2016 CodeNow, lead trainer
• 2015-2016 California Academy of Sciences, volunteer docent
• 2010-2011 Louisiana State University, graduate teaching assistant
• 2009-2011 Telligo, scientific summer camps educator + assistant director
• 2009 Oxford Brookes University, lead instructor, middle school girls programming workshop
• 2007-2009 educator in various summer camps for handicapped children, foster care children

public talks

• 11/2015 Objects, Tools, Computers
HN Kansai Meetup (Osaka, Japan)
• 04/2014 Cache me if you can: memcached caching patterns & best practices
Pycon 2014 (Montreal, Canada)

academic publications

• 2012 Employing and extending mass-market platforms as core tangibles
Ullmer, Ardaud, et al. in TEI 2012 Works In Progress
• 2011 Casier: structures for composing tangibles and complementary interactors for use across diverse systems (credited)
Ullmer et al. in TEI 2011

on the web

• 2016 prototyping.club
a repository of case studies in rapid prototyping
• 2015 la parabole des polygones
I translated Nicky Case's and Vi Hart's wonderful interactive essay, parable of the polygons, to French

selected independent software releases

• 2011 meteor night (iOS)